Money is Like Having Children

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You love it. It drives you nuts. It flourishes. You lose it. It’s utterly complicated and can be devastating.

Yep – to me, my relationship with money sounds like having children! I love my kids and would do anything for them, but sometimes they are so completely draining and complicated I just give them a blank stare while trying to figure out what to do! Money can be the same way. Many times I have just sat at my desk blankly staring into space trying to figure out how to make the money grow! In the long term relationship with money you must find a way to make it grow, whether through CD’s, Money Market accounts, retirement funds, etc. In the short term, you need to know what your limits are and establish your spending boundaries very clearly, otherwise you’ll end up with nothing. However, you can’t obsess over it either or it will destroy you. There is a fine balance between spending, saving, and investing.

My 3 Quick Tips for Financial Success-

1. Investing – DO YOUR RESEARCH!
2. Saving – It takes time! Put away a little bit often and it will grow!
3. Spending – Know your limits – and live by it!

Don’t love it too much, don’t hate it too much……it’s a fine balance as in any relationship! There are an incredible amount of resources out there in helping you learn how to handle your money – use them!

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