The Scents of Spring #FebrezeSpring

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Spring Scents #FebrezeSpring

AHHH I LOVE the smell of spring! The sunny fresh air, the flowers popping up! And I’m loving the great spring Febreze scents like Sweet Pea and Hyacinth! It’s especially nice living out in the country because as much nice fresh air as we have – sometimes that fresh air turns to the smell of cows and pigs! But goodness it sure beats the freezing cold icy weather we had all winter! When I agreed to check out the new Febreze scents it was really the perfect timing because things are just starting to warm up outside here in Iowa! We were sent the Febreze NOTICEables which actually alternates two spring scents to change things up a bit!

When I checked out the other Febreze fragrances at the store what I really loved it that there is a scratch & sniff sticker on the front so I can determine what my favorite scent is before I even buy it!! Plus it lasts a whole month so it’s pretty easy to swap out your fragrance at the end of the month! I’ve got one warmer in the bathroom – because goodness knows that it can use all the help it can get when it comes to good smells! And I’ve got one in my living room so when you open the door on a windy day to smell the cows our Febreze warmer can bring a little breath of spring air into the house! Plus the refills are under $3 at my Walmart so you really can’t beat the price!

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I’ve also spotted some nice Febreze CAR vent clips that looked amazing but I haven’t had the chance to try it yet!! (they would especially be nice when we’re driving past the cow farms!!) Make sure you check out all of the great scents and styles at Walmart here! You can find Air Effects, NOTICEables, Fabric Fresher, Candles, Set & Refresh, and CAR Vent clips!! And don’t forget that you can find Febreze on Facebook & Twitter!



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