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Get Away Travel Giveaway – 5 Night RV Rental Vacation #rvgetawaygiveaway

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YES YES YES! We are actually giving away a FIVE night RV Vacation Rental!!! (Retail $2150) I will share more details later but in May my family and I, along with about 14 other bloggers and their families, will be hitting the road in an RV and touring parts of our beautiful country (including Mount Rushmore!) and what better way to celebrate than host a RV vacation rental giveaway!!!

Hosted by Mamas Spot

Are you ready for a vacation? So am I! And what could be better than a FREE five day RV vacation?! (Retail $2150)

Access RV is giving away a 5 night RV Rental vacation with 800 miles included in one of their current year 31′ double slide out motorhomes!! RV includes, TV/DVD with 5.1 surround, GPS navigation, back up camera, power awning, Serta Pillow-Top mattress, Air Conditioning, unlimited generator use, final cleaning and dumping and much more!


Our lucky winner will have until June 1st 2015 to use this amazing opportunity!

You and your family or friends could be going to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, The Grand Canyon, or anywhere the adventure takes you!


Ready to start your adventure?Β Enter the rafflecopter giveaway before and then leave a comment telling me your most memorable vacation ever! My favorite so far is Niagara Falls but I absolutely LOVE traveling and can hardly wait to jump in an RV myself and hit the road! Giveaway ends on May 9, 2014!

FINE DETAILS: Vacation Dates are not available from July 23rd through Sept. 2nd. Vacation does not include insurance which can be provided by your auto insurance company. Drivers must be 25 or older with a valid drivers license and proof of insurance. Additional miles can be purchased at $1.55 per mile. A refundable security deposit is required at the time or reservation. Sales tax is required of $156.47.Β  For additional information, floor plan, etc. visit our website at www.accessrvrental.com. This certificate expires June 1, 2015
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  1. Jennifer Grace says:


    1. My most memorable vacation was camping in the Smokey Mountains with my family when I was 17. I grew up camping in a trailer but never got to go RVing. It is a dream of mine to go RVing to the Grand Tetons. We never camped west of TN.


    3. Martha Meier says:

      Most memorable vacation is driving without a plan to Colorado with my husband.

  2. Maria Clemens says:

    We took a family vacation to Arizona and the Grand Canyon last summer. Sons are getting older. The family trip was even better than I hoped it would be!

  3. My favorite vacation was to Boston where I got to visit a lot of different historical places.

  4. Karen Scherer says:

    My favorite vacation was driving along the coast of California- so beautiful!!!

  5. Our most memorable vacation adventure was last summer’s road trip. We drove to Northern Michigan, Niagara Falls, and New Hampshire. We then camped in Washington, D.C. In a heat wave (102) before driving home to Arkansas.

    1. My most memorable vacation was a few years ago when my husband and I took our son and daughter to Washington DC. We spent 8 incredible days touring all the museums , the Capital and the White House. My kids love history so this trip was perfect. Although we saw a lot of history I’m sure we missed something and now that the kids are older I would love to take them back. I think the older you get the more you appreciate history.

  6. We took 2 weeks to go from FL to Chicago and made many awesome stops along the way. Especially in Chattanooga to enjoy all the fabulous train spots πŸ™‚

  7. Tracey Goodwin says:

    My most memorable vacation was going to Yosemite National Park and then traveling south on Pacific Coast Highway. Beautiful!!!!

  8. My most memorable vacation so far was our family cruise. We climbed Dunn River Falls and swam with the dolphins. It was amazing! And we got away from all this snow and cold!

  9. Tracy Light says:


  10. Susan Postus says:

    I have two…. Thanksgiving with my family while pregnant in a log cabin on Tygart lake, WV and then Turks and Caicos with the whole family after my dad’s stroke.

  11. What a fabulous giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win! I’d love to go on a RV trip to the Grand Canyon. HOpe you have a lovely trip can’t wait to read about your adventure.

  12. Amber Chase says:

    My most memorable family vacation was when we went to Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA and Ellis Island. I learned so much about our country’s history in that field trip and it was great to spent it with my grandmother, parents and sisters.

  13. Matthew Montgomery says:

    When the roads are open, the sky is the limit.

  14. Casey Amos says:

    My favorite vacation so far has to be going to Walt Disney World with my family! That place is unimaginable!

  15. Mandy Morgan says:

    Yellowstone! Would love to visit again!!

  16. Jinny brewer says:

    Traveling from texas to Florida with my family. Stopping in Orlando to visit Disney World!

  17. Elena Penuelas says:

    My most memorable vacation is going to Sea World with my family. We saw all the shows at Sea World and were amazing. We saw the dolphins up front and were able to touch them. We saw the last show late at night and they were fire works. it was one of the best vacation that I ever had.

  18. Courtney Arrant says:

    Favorite recent vacation was my honeymoon in Barbados!

  19. Linda Bounds says:

    My most memorable vacation was last summer when my whole family went to Coopers town, NY to watch my 12 yo nephew play baseball. It was memorable because we had almost lost our dad the year before & it was his dream to make it to the Baseball Hall of Fame & see his grandson play there. It was also my nephew’s first home run to hit & then grand slam. It was a great trip… πŸ™‚

  20. Sara Faulkner says:

    My most memorable vacation was when my husband and I took my grandmother (83) to the mmountains. It snowed and she was so happy that she cried. She said she never imagined she would live long enough to see snow like that. She got out of my truck and danced in the snow!!!

  21. Stephanie says:

    When I was 8 years old, we took a family road trip in our RV from Florida to the Grand Canyon! We stopped at every cool place that we saw along the way and were on the road for almost three weeks! It was the BEST!

  22. Candace Ead says:

    My favorite vacation was in Gatlinburg, TN. My family and I had such an adventure hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains. We even came across some black bears!!

  23. My most memorable was about about 30 years ago to South Dakota πŸ™‚

  24. Shelia Claring says:

    We would take our granddaughter and her parents to the grand canyon, mount rushmore, and Yellowstone national park.

  25. Driving down the Oregon coast. And then on to the beautiful redwood forest.

  26. Jill Hupp-Polla says:

    Last year we flew to Orlando with my daughter , first time flying at 8 months to see her great grandmother for the first time. Loved visiting Daytona and St. Augustine. Would love to go again

  27. Nichole Davis says:

    I would love to take an rv along the east coast! Or Nashville!

  28. My most memorable vacation so far was our trip to the Bahamas where we got engaged 2 days before Christmas! Been married 5 years this May πŸ™‚

  29. Tisha Love says:

    My most memorable vacation was 3 years ago when we went to Maryland. My husband, son, brother, mom, and myself drove from Michigan. The national aquarium was amazing. We toured Baltimore and drove to D.C. for the day. We tried to see everything D.C. had to offer in one day. Our next dream vacation would be Yellowstone national park and the Grand Canyon.

  30. Allison Kennedy says:

    Disney and SeaWorld with my son and husband!

  31. Tina Fern-Denzer says:

    We started a summer crafting tradition and after three summers, we raised enough to go to Wyoming for a family trip with the horses and foul wheelers. We “roughed” it, but it was a vacation we will never forget–mountain air, seeing the land, the wildlife. The history and simple living! Our kids still talk about it!

  32. Nicole Roberts says:

    Sedona, AZ and the Grand Canyon!

  33. Linda Granstrom says:

    My most memorable vacation was a summer long tent camping trip through the west with my husband. We traveled back roads and stop to visit so many historical places along the way. We camped at yelllowstone, at the base of the grand Tetons, and beach camped on Malibu beach! It was a trip if a lifetime!

  34. One of my most memorable vacations was when my niece and I took a road trip from northern MN to Ohio. It was quite the adventure! We got to see all the great lakes, ended up going into a ditch (during the winter in the UP of Michigan), went to Niagara Falls and got detained at the border going into Canada. We traveled through 8 different states and just enjoyed ourselves. Now, with 4 boys and a husband, it’s hard to relax and enjoy a vacation without the worries and hassles.

  35. Denise Ayer says:

    My favorite vacation was in FL with my husband and my girls! It was just the four of us, spending time relaxing, swimming, with a day at Disney! It has actually been the only real vacation we’ve ever had! It was great!

  36. Jeff Dean says:

    Definitely Disney World. The look on my daughter’s face when she met the characters made the trip my abdolute favorite ever.

  37. Nicole DeMarea says:

    My most memorable vacation was driving from Bentonville, AR to Chicago with my family when I was around 12 years old. We had a fab family vacation.

  38. Megan amand says:

    My most memorable vacation was flying into San Francisco and getting a rental car. We spent two weeks driving down the coast stopping along the way and we flew out of LAX. Great memories with my family!

  39. My most memorable was when I took my family to St Petersburg, FL. It was the most beautiful place we have ever been. We ate at some of the most fabulous restaurants and loved playing in the white sand of the beach.

  40. Our most memorable vacation was our last camping trip to Raystown lake.

  41. Rachel S. says:

    Silver Lake Sand dunes in Michigan!

  42. When I was a kid we went trailer camping a lot. One time my dad picked a spot by these trees with long hanging branches over a ditch. My brother and I swung on the branches and had a great time.

  43. Molly Mosely says:

    My most memorable vacation was to Florida with my parents, siblings, and their families! We recently said goodbye to my mother after a horrible car accident, so that vacation years ago is a special memory forever in my heart.

  44. Angel Crawford says:

    My most memorable vacation time was traveling southern Mississippi with my mom and visiting her old homeplace, where she went to school, had her first job and even where she had her first kiss πŸ™‚

  45. sally voorhees says:

    Paris! i want to go back some day!

  46. Sarah Farrell says:

    My most memorable vacation as a child was when my uncle rented an Extra Large RV and drove my brothers, cousins and I through Indiana, Kentucy and Tennessee. We stopped many places along the way. We visited caves, mountaintops among many other places. I would LOVE to be able to do the same with my own children!

  47. Dawn Sawyer says:

    Europe three years ago

  48. Savannah, Ga

  49. It’s really hard to decide. Either 1. Hopping in our rental jeep with the top off driving around the coastal road of Maui. -Or- 2. Driving through Mount Ranier National Park. Both were absolutely incredible!

  50. Seabrook Island SC- beautiful, unspoiled beaches with no commercialism.
    Simple and family oriented.

  51. Jane Bertino says:

    Grand Canyon πŸ™‚

  52. Allison DeCecco Wademan says:

    Most memorable family vacation was a cross country road trip with my family when I was younger. From NJ to the west and back (in an RV! ). Would love to have a similar trip with my family now!

  53. Ohhhh I would love for my children to experience such an amazing vacation!!!! Yey

  54. Miranda Starbuck says:

    Exploring Maui was one of the most memorable. Such an amazing place!

  55. Christina says:

    My favorite vacation I have been to so far has been upstate NY…near the Finger Lakes (Keuka and Seneca Lake, specifically). It is absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills and beautiful scenery make the trip. Plus, all of the wineries around are fantastic. There are so many hometown little places around that have amazing food and different things to do. If you like hiking, go to Watkins Glen and hike through the rocks, it is gorgeous!

  56. Most memorable was my honeymoon cruise. I would love to road trip with the family this summer!

  57. Tammi Nelson says:

    Favorite vacation: France on a budget. My husband, daughter and I stayed in a room with two single beds. We pushed them together and made it work. We also rented a car and drive across France. It was interesting getting used to how they marked their exits and other road signs. So many fun memories! Would love to make more family memories on an RV trip!

  58. chastity lies says:

    Summer vacations with my family to Clearwater, Florida is my most memorable vacation.

  59. This would be AWESOME!

  60. Belize for my honeymoon πŸ™‚

  61. Heather Faretra says:

    Amelia Island, Florida

  62. Amanda DeBord says:


  63. Jaclin Boeckman says:

    As a first year teacher, I believe I started following the Surviving a Teacher’s Salary blog and Facebook probably a couple of months into the school year. This was after, of course, I had received a couple of paychecks and I realized a site with a title such as this could truly benefit me. The current give away for the RV trip really struck me so I decided to enter the contest. Besides being a lovely once in a life time chance, the fact that it was an RV trip struck me due to the recent passing of my grandfather. My grandfather passed two days ago, on March 1st, 2014 at 10:30am. My sister and I had watched as he slipped out of our lives and we watched as our father grieved for the first the in front of us. My sister took it upon herself to write the obituary for my grandfather, which ended up bringing out wonderful memories we had all shared with him. After his first born daughter, my aunt, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, my grandfather began leading a life of service wherein he founded two chapters of the United Cerebral Palsy Association, presided over the National Cerebral Palsy Group and generally worked his hardest to make the life of his daughter the fullest. Later in his life, with 5 children and 11 grandchildren, including myself, he began traveling the nation in his motor home. My grandmother, my aunt, and other various lucky passengers often accompanied him. My sister reminded me of the trips we took to Branson, MO to see a theme park; to Texas where the AC and plumbing started acting up on the RV; and various other adventures that we were blessed to have with our grandfather. The RV did not make or break these memories, but it was a great catalyst for fun in our family growing up. The RV is now sold and long gone, but I am thankful for the memories of those trips. My grandfather gave a lot to the world in his 89 years, and myself and my family will be hoping the winner of the contest gets as much joy and memories from their trip as the trips with my grandfather gave us.

  64. Ann Steimer says:

    My most favorite vacation was with my dad and my sister after the divorce. Dad took us to the outer banks cape hatteras. We had chocolate milk and donuts for breakfast. It was the first time I ever saw my dad swim. The three of us laughed and cried. It was the best trip ever.

  65. San Antonio! Texas has everything

  66. My family and I LOVE traveling to new places!! I have 2 favorite memories! Last summer we camped in a tent (there are 7 of us ages 2-15) for an entire week at Cape Cod and visited areas all over. The other memory, we stayed in a yurt in Delaware for a week. we hit every part of the state and loved it! We want to take a 3 week road trip to the Grand Canyon and make stops along the way before my oldest graduates! We’d love to win an RV rental to travel somewhere new!

  67. Pippa Nelson says:

    A trip around Europe when I was a child. We took six months and visited so many places. I’d live to be able to do that with my children.

  68. My honeymoon to Budapest and Prague. A once in a lifetime trip with my best friend. 14 years ago and I remember it like it was yesterday.

  69. Lisa George says:

    Denali National Park in Alaska.

  70. My family took a 10 day vacation to Las Vegas / LA for my twin brother and my’s 21st birthday. It was an amazing time spent exploring with family! I can’t wait for another road trip with the 4 of us!!

  71. I love love this opportunity to vacation. I have. Senior graduating and it would be a lot of fun..our favorite vacation was to Fort Payne/mentone area in Alabama.

  72. Europe: SPain
    US: Montana, Colorado, and Utah
    Asia: Vietnam

  73. A camping trip hugo, oklahoma we had a blast!

  74. Hawaii!

  75. Coralie Fraser says:

    Without a doubt New Zealand! πŸ™‚

  76. As cheesy as it may sound … every summer my family took a 1 month vacation in a station wagon. We visited relatives (fun plus way cheaper than motels) and always found fun stuff to do. When I went to college and would meet people from around the U.S., I’d often say, “Oh, I’ve been there.” So cool I had a visual of where they were from.

  77. Without a doubt – a wonderful home called The Tannery in Warm Springs, VA.

  78. My son and I always have fun on our road trips up the East Coast every summer. Our trips to Boston, the Dr Seuss park, and DC are the most memorable.

  79. Traveling to Maine with my family.

  80. National Parks out west, Niagara Falls, Maine, England – too many to name just one! πŸ™‚

  81. I really need to get out of town!

  82. Susan Paulson says:

    Driving from Bethel Island,CA to Fargo,ND csmping out along the way with my boyfriend of one year, and my three teenagers.I wanted my boyfriend to meet my 89 year old Dad and my78 year old Mom.

  83. Tracy Lee says:

    We took our kids to Dinosaur Valley National park. it was awesome to swim int he water right next to dinosaur footprints. What afun time!

  84. My favorite vacation was probably too Jamaica. However our family just started camping and my kids love it! We are looking forward to a beach camping trip this summer.

  85. Disney world when I was 6!

  86. Through Texas,Arkansas,Mississippi,Alabama,Georgia To North Carolina To See My Daughter.

  87. I loved our trip to Boston and Baltimore!

  88. Colorado

  89. We went to Boston the first time with our oldest daughter.

  90. Yellowstone road trip.

  91. Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons with my husband when we were dating!

  92. Last summer’s road trip to New Jersey! What a trip – so many fun stops along the way. Two weeks of family togetherness – so awesome!

  93. I could finally take my kids to Washington DC!

  94. Jodi Pope says:

    As a kid and, now, as a parent, I’ve been on a lot of family vacations, but the most memorable and the most enjoyable was this past summer at Weirs Valley, TN. I usually stress over vacations, but this was the most relaxing vacation ever.

  95. My favorite vacation memory is going on a camping trip on Colorado with my dad and buddies. It was in May, we only slept in the tent one night because it was so cold, stayed in hotels the rest of the time. It was awesome!

  96. My favorite vacation was my honeymoon on Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

  97. World’sLongest Garage Sale starting in TN and heading north.. It was so much fun in a RV….

  98. Craig Lewis says:

    My favorite vacation was a 6 week vacation driving across the U.S. and Canada. I saw Yosemite,Black hills, mount Rushmore, Grand Canyon, and many other American treasures

  99. Melissa Shirley says:

    My favorite vacation was Dublin, Ireland! Beautiful place!!! I love irish people too! They were very nice to my husband and I!

  100. Liz Brown says:

    Last year I went to Sedona for the first time and fell in love. Now I want to visit the Grand Canyon and be able to spend as much time outside as possible!

  101. Kelley Gmelich says:

    Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic with all of my family at Club Med. :0) We’ve really been wanting to take an RV across the US one summer to watch baseball games around the country. :0)

  102. Serena Par says:

    I would use my Spring Break next year to go on a tour of all the national parks around Utah. I just tore my ACL and had surgery, so I won’t be ready to hike around then! The kids have been great about the surgery, just can’t wait to hike again!

  103. Our Honeymoon trip…3 weeks in Euorpe! Amazing!

  104. Shoni Beaton says:

    Being a teacher, and being the breadwinner, my family
    Has always camped, just like I did growing up
    Growing up I will never forget the camping trip
    To Rock Creek, where I caught my first fish.
    As an adult and mom, my favorite trip has been
    To Yosemite. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been there!!
    I would love to go again!

  105. Hilton Head Island! It is so beautiful! Nature is on overload there!

  106. Claudia Perez says:

    My favorite vacation was in 2010. My now boyfriend and I had just met and decided to spend the day together at Disneyland (at the time he lived in Arizona and I in Texas). Well after a few rides he took out a gold pendant and chain and asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together now for almost 4 years, living together for 2.

  107. Growing up we didn’t get vacations. As a teacher I have made it a point to take
    Some sort of trip withy daughter every summer. Last year we went to
    The Grand Canyon and Sedona.
    So amazing!! If I won this trip
    I would travel with my family to Yosemite.
    I haven’t seem it yet and have heard it’s amazing!

  108. Jessica Carter says:

    Mountains of North Carolina!

  109. Favorite vacation was a week at the Jersey Shore with my entire family! Nothing beats the beach, but I’d also love to visit the Grand Canyon sometime!

  110. Joanna kramer says:

    I was just talking about all my long cat rides to Florida with my step son. My family of five would wake up at 5 am to get on the road. Drive non stop to Florida or south Carolina. Praying to stop at a fun rest stop or maybe a park. We had so much fun getting there. Playing card games or mini games or just relaxing.

  111. Annie Yensan says:

    My favorite vacation was my honeymoon to Mexico 7 years ago. Since then, we haven’t been able to afford a vacation but we hope to take our boys camping a lot this upcoming year.

    1. Annie Yensan says:

      P.s. I am a teacher, too. πŸ™‚

  112. Nicci Dewsbury says:

    My favorite vacation was to St. Augustine. I loved touring the old city and the beach

  113. Laura LeFort says:

    My family of seven really enjoyed our trip to Niagara Falls several years ago. The most memorable part was the boat ride between the falls.

  114. Kate Smith says:

    Favorite Childhood Vacation: Craters of the Moon
    Favorite Vacay as Parent with Family: Florida Beach week
    Dream Vaca: Traveling by RV with my husband to go see my children across the country

  115. The best vacation I’ve ever had was with my family, my mom and my 5 siblings, to a town not so far away from our home town. We all enjoy ourselves, got close to each other and saw mom laugh like she had never done before. I am from Colombia and the trip was to Villeta, a place way warmer than Bogota where I come from. I have just moved to the US and I’d like to go on a trip with my husband and friends to discover beautiful landscapes in this my new home.

  116. Cece Esposito says:

    My favorite trip would be our 8000 mile trek out west from Florida including Texas, Route 66, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and our grandkids in MN!!!

  117. I loved going to Vancouver! So beautiful!

  118. Diane Shores says:

    My most memorable vacation is always going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where I’m from! Each time I go there, I am in awe of the beauty, and can’t believe that I worked so hard to move away from that place! I would go back there in a second for an RV vacation!

  119. I am a kindergarten teacher, so just the thought of being away for 5 days gets me super excited! My son has been saying that he wants to explore the western part of the USA. So far we have just been down the east coast as far as Florida. My son is 10, but the best trips for us so far have been to the beautiful outer banks, NC. Please let my son’s dreams come true……..

  120. Debby meadows Sowell says:

    My favorite vacation was in Corydon, Indiana in 1995. My daughters were 5 and 7 and it was out first experience camping together. What a fiasco! We were a half mile from the nearest bath house and it was 100 degrees in the shade. It’s a vacation that seemed horrible then but we all look back on it fondly and laugh hard!

  121. Kerry Ann Kiley says:

    I teach 7th grade English at an inner-city school in NH. I would love travel, but can not afford to do so, Even with my extra job after school. My husband is unable to work construction any longer due to many surgeries, but he is back in college! I am so very proud of him and it would be wonderful for us to “get away” for a while. Oddly enough, I have always , told my husband that when we grow old, I would like to sell our home and live in an RV driving around the country! The best “vacation” I ever had was when my husband was working in Colorado (while I was teaching in NH) because he could not get construction work here in NH. I got some cash together and flew out there to meet him. He was just offered a job in MA, so we drove from Colorado back to NH in a tiny van. It was the best experience of my life. We saw everything we could along the way and used very little money. This RV trip would be a great way to congratulate him on going back to college at his age and working so very hard. It would also make me feel appreciated as a teacher. I would love to be able to leave home for a few days and not have to worry about bills. If we won? I would plot out a route through all the states that I have never seen and enjoy the local cultures. I would feel like I won a million bucks!

  122. Skiing in Red River on Christmas Day and then taking a picture with Santa on the slopes. Our boys didn’t care about presents that year. They just wanted to get dressed and hit the slopes.

  123. My most memorable vacation was backpacking Europe for my honeymoon. We traveled only by train and foot. We went from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. The trip was filled with so many exciting and trying moments. It defined so much for a new marriage. I will never forget it and I cannot wait to do it all over again! My husband has been deployed to Afghanistan for the past several years and when he comes home we try to travel somewhere. This will be a great way to spend out next small moments together!

  124. Cheryl Wilson says:

    My most memorable vacation was a week in Florida watching my son race Winter Nationals at Auburndale Speedway – it was a lot of work and a lot of fun! I love my boy!

  125. Cathy Williams says:

    Spring Break in Dallas, Texas! My husband is a big Cowboys fan, so we went to see the AT&T stadium that Jerry Jones built for them. Visited all the other nice spots of interest in Dallas as well!

  126. I would love to take my grandchildren to see Niagara Falls. It’s someplace I’ve always wanted to visit and to share it with them would make it a perfect experience!

  127. Colonial Williamsburg

  128. My favorite vacation was last month when we went to Sea World and then surprised the kids with a week at Dismey.

  129. My favorite memory is camping with my grandparents in north Idaho, Priest Lake.

  130. Since my divorce I have not been able to travel much with my kids πŸ™ This would be awesome to give them this summer!!! Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  131. I love the Grand Canyon!

  132. Stef Moyar says:

    My little guy has a shunt for hydracephalus. We found out right before his first birthday that he would need the spinal tap, testing and most likely brain surgery to put the shunt in. Naturally, we were scared out of our minds and didn’t know what to think. So, we wanted him to at least experience the beach in case anything would go wrong and we would lose him. That was the best experience I have ever had and I am sure I will remember every detail fpr the rest of my life. Seeing his face the first time he felt the sand between his piggies was unforgettable. Also, he stood up for the first time that trip and began walking a few months later! Now, at 3.5 yo, the shunt is there but he is a typical 3 yo boy that goes to pt and ot.

  133. My favourite holiday so far was St Lucia for my honeymoon last year but I haven’t been tho the USA yet!

  134. heather scasta says:

    My favorite is still the summer that me, my mom, sister, grandma, great aunt, and great grandma took a van and traveled all over texas for a month. i was just a kid but I remember the sacrifices that my mom made to take that trip and its still one of my fondest memories.

  135. The year my family went to Florida for a space shuttle launch was the best vacation! It was a midnight launch and we had seats in the VIP viewing area. It was spectacular! Afterward, we spent time in Orlando at Sea World and Universal Studios. Such fun!

  136. Always wanted to take a road trip with no specific destinations and enjoy the scenery!

  137. Katrins McDowell says:

    My most memoriable vacation was the last one I got to take with my dad to Colorado before he passed away.

  138. Boston and Southern Maine

  139. Experiencing Disney World with my family for the first time!!

  140. The most memorable vacation spending a week in New York City with my family about 6 months before my dad had his bone marrow transplant. I was in my first teaching position and we didn’t know how long we would have my dad so I took my family on that trip (mom, dad, and brother). I asked each person to make a list of some things they wanted to see while we were there and we made sure to see them all! (I even found a “big apple” sculpture for my smart aleck brother, lol. My dad just celebrated 7 years after receiving his transplant so it would be amazing to go on another family trip in a motorhome. I can hear Mount Rushmore calling my name! Thanks for the opportunity of this trip! Best of luck to everyone!

  141. Jana Aldrich says:

    Grand Canyon!!!!

  142. My most memorable vacation was with my nephews. We drove to Mt. Rushmore on the way home from a trip to Texas. We live in Michigan. It was quite a trip!

  143. Mt Rushmore

  144. Sammi Holcomb says:

    My mom’s a teacher and my dad became disabled when I was four after falling two stories at a construction job and breaking his neck. Therefore we have only had two family vacations. By far the most memorable was camping in PA near Hershey Park. We rented a camper at a park. There was a small lake and dad helped me real in my first catfish.

  145. We took a RV trip to visit Great Grandma and tour the Florida panhandle.

  146. Lisa Jost says:

    My most memorable vacations have been ones where we go where we least expected to go. One such trip was to Sheboygan, WI. My kids still talk about our goofy jokes and experiences. They keep asking to go back! We are finding the best memories take place when we are fully immersed wherever we might be; the location doesn’t matter.

  147. My favorite vacation was to visit my Om’s in California on her chicken farm.

  148. Imagine traveling in an RV for an entire month with your family. That was my best vacation when I was ten. It was also the start of my dream to live in Colorado one day. Every time my family gets together, we still laugh at all of the funny things that happened on that trip. We traveled to many states, and we bonded together as a family. I haven’t been able to afford an RV trip of my own, but it definitely on my bucket list.

  149. Disney World

  150. I remember Glacier National Park and then going into Canada, when you could just hop right over there! πŸ™‚

  151. Mistie jamail says:

    San Deigo for sure

  152. My father was in the military. While stationed in Germany, we took a pop-up tent on a camping trip to Spain. That was hands down the best vacation we ever took. We also came home with a wooden Indian we found at an old shop!

  153. Beth Joyner says:

    My most memorable vacation was taking my 5-year-old daughter to Walt Disney World to meet the princesses for the first time. It was truly magical and something I’ll never forget!

  154. Favorite vacation was a trip to Florida with my family.

  155. Christy Hubele says:

    Family road trip to Colorado.

  156. Autumn Sutton says:

    Down the east coast with husband.

  157. My favorite vacation was to Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountains. Absolutely loved it!

  158. Two years ago, we finally went on a vacation. My husband, a union electrician, had been on & off work. We drove to Florida, stayed at a fun resort, & drove to Disney parks. Our son had a blast, even though he said he was too cool for it being a just- turned teen. We then took a short cruise to the Bahamas – this was the most memorable. Our son is spectrum & has lots of fears. This wS the first time he really enjoyed himself & absolutely loved swimming in the water. He initiated things, was eager to try new things, and the smile on his face melted my heart!

  159. Jill H Brown says:

    Have great memories of RV’ING as a child – would love to give my kids a taste of it too!

  160. Getting married in Las Vegas 9 years ago to a wonderful man who I now have three beautiful kiddos with!!!

  161. Gabby chavira says:

    My favorite vacation was the Disney Cruise. We did not worry about where to eat and we had a variety of fun activities to choose from for everyone. I did not want to get off that boat.

  162. Prague for New Year’s Eve

  163. My most memorable moment was renting an rv and taking the dogs up to big Sur to camp over the thanksgiving break. We love sitting by the campfire and relaxing. On our way back down to San Diego we hit up all the beach campgrounds and were able to relax and listen to the ocean

  164. Heather Villanueva says:

    My favorite vacation was our first family camping trip to Yosemite! We went hiking, saw waterfalls, wildlife, but the best was cooking and just spending uninterrupted quality time together!

  165. Christine Homan says:

    My most memorable vacation was when I was 12; my parents and I went on a 3 month RV road trip across the United States. We live in Alaska so this was an amazing opportunity to see so many amazing sights! Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Yosemite, Yellowstone, and so much more! This would be an awesome experience for me to share and have with my own two kids!

  166. Last family trip to Disney!

  167. Yellowstone! I took my 3 kids on a road trip from Phx to Yellowstone. Best vacation ever. This is what I would do again if I won this. My kids would LOVE to go back, as they were much you
    Her the first time we went. Thanks for the opportunity!

  168. Fireworks at the beach on Anna Maria Island on the 4th of July!

  169. Hollee Ford says:

    It is too hard to select just one. I’d say California coast or Washington DC or anywhere with mountains.

  170. Yellowstone was beautiful!

  171. Kim Hamilton says:

    Our very first vacation was this year.
    We took the kids to the ocean here in Texas a couple of hrs from our house.
    We road a ferry and saw wild dolphins swimming next to boat
    and we stopped and picked up seashells.
    We had a picknick lunch and drove home.
    It wasn’t much but it was our family together.

  172. Elaine Cavuto says:

    My favorite vacation was a trip to Washington DC. Visiting there helps to remember why I LOVE being a proud American!

  173. My favorite family vacations were always to our family cabin in northern Maine. We no longer own it but it would be great to take an rv to the campground on the same lake.

  174. Sue Johnston says:

    My favorite vacation was when I was younger I traveled with my grand parents and we went from Arizona to New York we always stopped before it got dark and it took us 13 or14 days.

  175. Kelly Carman says:

    Huntington Beach, SC. We only left the campground to go for ice cream. We even saw alligators feeding and toured a castle.

  176. Janine Wipperfurth says:

    Vegas was my best trip. I really want to take my family (four kids!) out west to Wyoming.

  177. St. Thomas!

  178. So far my most memorable vacation was taking my 5 year old to Disneyland. Watching her expressions as she saw characters she has only seen on television was priceless, specially Tinker bell.

  179. Disney was my favorite vacation memory. Yellowstone is next on my bucket list. Both my children would love to visit Yellowstone.

  180. After my husband died unexpectedly I took our two boys ages 9 and 13 from Maine to California and back in a jeep and camped in national parks all the way. Being a teacher I had the summer to do this trip which took 8 weeks and we drove 11,000 miles. They are 25 and 21 now and I have two younger children ages 8 and 16 that I have adopted and I can’t wait to do it with them!

  181. 50th anniversary of D-Day landings on Normandy beach. Went with my dad who survived the landings in 1944. Priceless memories. Would like to take my mom to Niagara Falls. She has been my cheerleader, mentor, confidant, best friend in the world for many years. I would love to give this to her.

  182. Yosemite! Amazing place!!!

  183. I have been lucky to have so many amazing vacations. I loved going to a dude ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with my parents and siblings as an adult. Another really great one was backpacking in Phoenix with my husband.

  184. Swan Lake with my sister and kids!!

  185. Traveled the Oregon coast. It’s very beautiful.

  186. Jennifer Berube says:

    I love camping with my family in the Oregon wilderness. My family meets up with my sister’s family and we have found several great camping spots with clear lakes and fun recreation areas in southern/eastern Oregon.

  187. Sarah Flanary says:

    My best vacation memory was taking our three daugthers to the beach for the first time. They were amazed by God’s work!

  188. My most memorable vacation wasn’t really a vacation, but we made it into one. My husband and I got married while I was still in college. We says we’d have our honeymoon as a one year anniversary gift to ourselves. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on our one year anniversary. We went to several hospitals all over the continental US. We used to joke that we were touring the states one hospital at a time. When treatments stopped working, he got accepted in a research case study at UCLA. We went to LA each month for treatments for 2 years. We decided if we were going to stay in LA, we would do it in style. We dined at wonderful restaurants, ran into a few celebrities, and stayed at a nice hotel. Our first visit, my husband seizured on the plane due to his tumor (it was on his brain). We had to take a train from California to Florida! We went through Chicago and DC. Again, we made a trip out of it with lots of great memories. For our 10 year anniversary, we stayed in Savannah. My husband surprised me with a walking tour and photographer to capture our memories and a beautiful dinner where he had flowers delivered to our table. He passed away a few months later, but I will never forget our wonderful memories made through our various travels. I would love the opportunity to make new ones with our daughter!

  189. My most memorable vacation was a trip I took with my dad and sister to Bodie, CA. It is an old ghost town. It had been a long time since we had taken a vacation together.

  190. My hubby and I traveled by canal boat for a week in upstate New York. Perfect in its simplicity.

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