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If you haven’t seen the movie Won’t Back Down I HIGHLY recommend it! You may remember last summer that I attended their red carpet event and it is an incredibly passionate and inspiring film of a teacher and a parent who fight to take over a failing school to save their children’s education. I know that this topic is highly controversial for many people but as a parent I want the BEST for my child – no matter what that means. Feel free to join in the comments below and leave your thoughts. Please be kind as this is a family-friendly site and in the end we all want our children and our students to succeed. Any foul language will be deleted. Here is an infographic that was provided to me which you may be interested in!

wont back down infographic


  1. Lorna Duna says

    Don’t tell me you are promoting this horrible corporate rag of a film on your site. Your husband, a teacher, should be already informed about what this film actually is, a corporate propaganda piece meant to dismantle local public school systems for privately run charters. Visit the Jersey Jazzman’s blog for the truth about this. However, you would be more supportive to teachers if you just took this post down. This movie is about everything that is wrong in the corporate charter movement.

    • says

      The problem with education in our country IS that politics are involved. If you can watch this film without a politic bias then it is a fantastic and inspiring story line. If you can look at it from a parent’s perspecitve of how SOME children are treated and how SOME schools are failing – you wouldn’t want to sit by and watch your children receive a subpar education either. There ARE schools out there that should be dismantled and reorganized – and I’m NOT just talking about public schools. In fact there are schools, like the school in the movie, that I refused to put my child into because I know it was failing AND I knew SOME of the staff at that school was the reason it was failing. I only wish I could be as brave as that parent to stand up to a school and teacher that is failing my child. This movie is NOT saying that all teachers are bad or that it is the teachers fault the education system is failing. Any teacher will tell you that yes, there ARE horrible teachers out there – just as there are horrible doctors, lawyers, or any other profession you can think of. I spoke with the actresses in this movie and they themselves come from similar failing schools – 30 and 40 years ago! My husband, an educator and a principal will be the first one to tell you that our education system IS failing in this country. That is NOT to say that there aren’t amazing schools, districts and teachers out there but that in a general term things are moving the wrong direction. If you bring politics into this – YES there will be corruption and discord. But if you stand back, as a parent, you will agree that EVERY parent wants the best for their child and if that means standing up and making a change for YOUR child – regardless of the politics, public school, private school, charter school, or home school – YOU have to do what’s best for your child and NOT rely on other people to make that decision for you. Don’t settle for ANY school – regardless of it’s association, just because you feel like that is all you have. Fight for your child’s best interest and think outside of the box. Corporate charter propaganda or not there is a VERY important lesson in this movie if you can step aside from any political debates.

  2. A says

    After the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood movie’s ending, you’re left with reality. And the reality of a parent “taking over a school” is that they must promptly hand it over to investors who then, in an effort to make sure their investment is a success, quickly weed out all those troublesome students who will bring their school down: students with learning disabilities, students with ADD/ADHD, students with behavior issues, students who can’t make the grade, etc. Please, PLEASE take the time to read this: http://jerseyjazzman.blogspot.com/2012/09/wont-back-down-ii-sequel.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+JerseyJazzman+(Jersey+Jazzman)&m=1 THIS is the reality of what will happen after the warm fuzzy “I saved my child!” moment passes. And boy, in the real world? It will pass like a FLASH.

  3. says

    I saw this movie at a screening this summer, and I had a lot of thoughts about it. Of course it was sort of oversimplified because it was a movie; the Union was exaggerated but frankly, some of the things that happened to that little girl happened to my son so yes – it is that bad at some schools. I cried during it because it was a relief to see someone fighting as I had been fighting for a year at that point (not to open a new school; but to get my son what he needed). I was at BlogHer when I saw it, and since it was in NYC we got to meet the actors (yes, all of them!! and the director) and I didn’t have any sense that their goal was to make a political, one sided movie but to start a conversation about the problems in the education system and how ultimately; that affects the kids and also to spark parents to fight back and not feel hopeless. It’s a complex issue, I hope you don’t get slammed for bringing it up but if you do – I got your back :)

      • says

        LOL Jen it’s totally ok -I do the same thing :) Heck we probably sat in the same row together! Hehe! But like Viola & Maggie said I’m OK if people want to slam me – because it gets them talking and it gets them thinking that there IS a problem with our education system. No, turning it all into charter schools won’t fix it and neither will leaving the school the way it is now either. So let’s figure out how to fix it and get politics out. I personally know amazing people that were fed up with the school system and special needs kids and they turned around and started their own special needs school – no big investors or politicians have their hands in their school. They stood up and did it on their own and it’s an amazing success story. My own son is gifted and has Asperger’s and would be highly accepted at that school. It CAN happen if you have the right motivation to run the school right – and not to sell out to the highest bidder.

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