Why my HP Laptop Makes me Cry

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I spent about $700 on a GOOD DEAL on a brand new HP laptop in October 2011 and would you believe that this is the SECOND time I’ve had to send it in to get fixed? TWICE in a year my cooling fan has broken! I could understand that if I was blocking the vents on the bottom of the computer or misusing it some way but this just keeps malfunctioning. Setting it on a flat clean surface should NOT cause your computer to overheat!! ARGH! I am SO thankful to Best Buy for letting me borrow my current laptop for a few more weeks until I get my other one back from HP. Has anything like this happened to you? Have you a bought a brand new computer only to have it break down multiple times in the first year? I have always bought HP but I am NOT happy with them right now!!

I thrive on the familiar technology that I am used to so I am finding it difficult to use my new temporary laptop the same! So if my posts look a little funny just ignore them! :) I’m still trying to figure out how to screenshot and move things around on this new laptop!


  1. Cheri says

    I have had an HP laptop for 2-3 years. Guess I shouldn’t complain as I haven’t had major problems, but I don’t think it’s holding up really well. One key broke soon after I got it…replaced that myself. Now the “paint” has worn off two other keys. Also something has happened to my backup system so I worry about that. I have always had DELL desktops and have had great luck with them. I had an HP printer that I definitely wasn’t happy with. Not sure if I will give HP any more of my money!

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