Thrift Store Thursday – LOOK What I Found!

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YES! That is MY husband with the silliest grin every because he is walking with Moon Shoes on! MOON SHOES! I am SOOOO excited that I found these! I have been looking at them for over a year but at $30 a pair I just wasn’t willing to pay that price!

My GRAND TOTAL on this pair of Moon Shoes?? ONLY $1!!! My oldest son has a sensory disorder and Asperger’s and I wanted to buy these for him for Christmas. I could barely believe my eyes when I spotted them!! WHOO!! Now I can’t wait for him to get these!!

Moon Shoes at Thrift Store – $1

Moon Shoes online – $29.99



  1. tahoegrandma says

    That’s funny….. I just found a pair at a thrift store about a month ago. I paid $3.00 for mine. My preschoolers love them. And just last week I found a pair of “dinosaur track” feet for the snow!!

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