Sunshine Spring Craft for Kids and Preschoolers

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There are many reasons why I just LOVE the sun! This is a great craft in the spring, for a simple science lesson, or just if your kids are dreary in the winter and missing the sunshine!

You’ll Need:

paper plate
yellow paint
yellow construction paper
googly eyes
Sharpie marker or black construction paper

sun craft for kids, sun craft for preschoolers

1.) Paint your paper plate yellow. Acrylic will be the brightest color but we used washable paint so we didn’t stain the table! Let it dry.

2.) Trace each of your child’s hands onto the yellow paper and cut it out. Use those hands to trace 5 other sets of hands onto yellow paper and cut them all out.

3.) Tape your hand cutouts onto the paper plate.

4.) Glue on your googly eyes and draw or paste on a mouth for your sun!

*Note – if you are looking for a quicker craft to do in class use tissue paper around the edges instead of drawing and cutting all of the hands out! My husband loved this craft so much he did it today with his students!


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