Spooky Eyeball Cake – Great for Mad Science Parties & Halloween Parties

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Tomorrow I am throwing a mad scientist party for the highest Box Tops earning classroom at my husband’s school. Check out the cake that I made them!

“EYE” think it’s pretty awesome! Now I just made it for a 2nd grade class so it’s nothing fancy – you could certainly ad lib any decor! To make it you simply need a round 9 inch cake. Cover it with white frosting. Once you’ve completely frosted it you’ll need a large round spot of green icing smack dab in the middle of the cake, then a smaller black circle of icing in the middle of the green circle. To finish up you’ll need some red icing to draw the red lines into the white of the eye! Voila! A simple creepy eyeball cake great for mad science parties or Halloween parties!


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