SHH!! I bought the Melissa and Doug Textured Stencils!

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SH! Don’t tell my son what I bought him for Christmas!! I received a $25 promo code to for helping them spread the word about their holiday promos so I decided to buy these Textured Stencils. My son is 4 years old and has been going to occupational therapy for the past 5 months to help with his fine motor skills delay. In the past 5 months he has gone from being 17 months delayed to just about right on target for his age!! WOW! So when I buy things for him I specifically try to find things to help work on his fine motor skills.
Then I found these textured stencils while browsing at and I am dying to open them!! Hah! I’d better hurry up and wrap them so I don’t open them before my son gets them for Christmas! They were about $10 each which I thought was a lot for just 4 stencils but when we got them in the mail they are HUGE! I was expecting something much smaller! Not only are they stencils BUT they are also textured rubbing plates with non-roll crayons included. I bought the dinosaur set and the insect set but there was also a sea life set.
So needless to say if you are looking for something artsy or simply just something to work on fine motor skills try out these jumbo textured stencils – they are pretty cool!! If you have these I’d love to know how your kids like them!!


  1. Alicia C. says

    I completely missed those! I received the $25 GC, too. I got lots of those DIY craft kits. It took me FOREVER to choose what to get – they have so many great toys and the prices are amazing!

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