Rainbow Rollers by Alex Toys from ImagineToys.com Review

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ImagineToys.com sent me the Rainbow Rollers by Alex Toys to review with my boys. The Rainbow Rollers is a simple toy to provide hours of fun. Made of wood, it is a four tiered roadway for little wooden colorful race cars (included) that zoom down each ramp and then automatically flip over down onto the next ramp. This is a great toy to help children with their developmental skills including coordination and fine motor skills. You can also reinforce colors with your child using the brightly colored cars!


I love the bright colors of the Rainbow Rollers! It immediately attracted my children’s attention.The small wooden cars are very simply designed. Picture above, the blue and green cars are individual cars, but the yellow and red cars are attached in a train-like fashion.


The wood seems to be a nice good quality and sturdy wood that unless grossly misused should last for a long time! The Rainbow Rollers has been awarded the “American Baby Magazine Best Toys of the Year” award! When my boys aren’t playing with it I do have it on a shelf with the little cars because I’m afraid they will lose the cars!! My house seems to eat toys when they don’t have a place to go!


This has been a great toy for both of my boys, but especially my 2 year old. Rainbow Rollers is a toy that he can play by himself and have fun. There are not parts to put together or to lose (other than the cars) so all he has to do is grab a car and place it on the top tier and let go! The cars zoom down the ramps very quickly and are a lot of fun to watch as the perfectly flip down to the next level!


I took a video of my boys with the Rainbow Rollers in action so you can see not only how much fun they have with this toy but also so that you can see exactly how the rollers work! As you will see it really is such a simple concept for loads of fun for children of all ages.


ImagineToys.com offers all sorts of educational and unique toys which you can search for by age, gender, brand, category, and more! They even have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy AND a price matching policy!! This way you are guaranteed the lowest price within 30 days of a purchase!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a toy set in order to form my own opinions. All opinions are 100% mine.



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