PaddlePak by Trunki Water-Resistant Backpack for Kids Review

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Recently I was contacted by Trunki about their new PaddlePak water-resistant backpacks for little explorers! In fact it’s geared for ages 2+ and were the PERFECT size for my 4 & 7 year old to take along when we went on our RV trip! I was SO glad I had them not only when we were hiking and exploring but especially when we took the airplane back home again. It was the perfect size for the kids to carry, ultra safe so nothing fell out, held all their toys and books, and are just absolutely adorable. They have all sorts of fun nautical animals like sharks, blowfish, octopus, clownfish, killer whale, frog, lobster, and more!

clownfish Paddle Pak Collage

This is certainly the most innovative little backpack that I’ve seen for kids. It features reflective strips on the side, and the top actually folds down three times to close up the pack which completely prevents anything from falling out or spilling in. It was surprisingly roomy and was a great surprise for my kids as we took this epic adventure together!

frog paddlepak Collage

Above you can see the frog PaddlePak and at the bottom of each backpack is a coin zipper area for kids to store their notes or money safely underneath the backpack while they are wearing it. On the side of each pack is also a small rubber “clip” for kids to slide their sunglasses into so that they won’t fall out. It’s really pretty unique and comes with nice bells and whistles for the kids. There are so many things I love about these PaddlePaks but I LOVE that they are water resistant (because if you have kids you KNOW their backpacks get spilled on, dropped in puddles, and who knows what else!) AND they are incredibly durable. I won’t lie – I knew they were cute off the bat but I was expecting after my 2 kids drove over 2200 miles with these on our RV trip that for SURE there would be some ripping or tearing at the seams but these things have held up extremely well! In fact they still look brand new and my youngest son now carries his to preschool every day as well.

paddle pak Collage
I was really impressed that I saw virtually no wear after our big trip on these backpacks! (except for maybe a little dirt which easily wiped off!) If you’ve got kids you know how important it is for things you buy not to fall apart the first (or second or third!) time your kids use it and we sure went on one heck of a trip! Not to mention that the kids have loaded their backpacks with all sorts of stuff so that they are bulging! I definitely recommend this little backpack as a sturdy kid-friendly backpack with plenty of extra features for little hands!


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  1. Jen Buckman says

    My boys would love this, so if I won, I’d have to purchase another one so they each get their own. :-)

  2. Kelly bellomy says

    These are super cute! My son goes through 2 backpacks a year because they tear up so easily
    He would love the frog!

  3. Kelly bellomy says

    These are super cute! My son goes through 2 backpacks a year because they tear up so easily
    He would love the frog! I really like the killer whale.

  4. Esther says

    Very cute ! Looking into buying more to have extras and give a gifts to family and my students.:)

  5. Diane says

    I would use this for snacks and things to do in the car for road trips this summer and it will definitely go to the beach with us!

  6. Charlene Royds says

    Since I’ve found this website….”Surviving a Teacher’s Salary” I’ve shared it with my daughter who is a first grade teacher, several of her teacher friends, and several of my co-workers who have teachers in their families. We’ve found the information shared invaluable and have ordered on more than one occasion. Thanks to those who have taken the time to share their ideas and information!!

  7. Anel says

    Currently pregnant, so I would gift this to one of my nieces or nephews, since my baby won’t be using it for a while :) Thank you!

  8. Tanya fox says

    These are adorable my don loves to carry a backpack everywhere we go. These would be perfect.

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