Make a Robot out of a Toilet Paper Tube

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Cute little robots aren’t they? Over the next month I’ll be working on robot-themed projects for my son’s birthday party and these toilet paper tube robots couldn’t be easier! 

You’ll need:

toilet paper tubes
acrylic paint
paint brush
pipe cleaners (1 per toilet paper tube)
optional: googly eyes

DSC_0015 (3)

Paint your toilet paper tubes each one single color. I chose many bold colors for our robots.

DSC_0016 (2)

Don’t forget to paint the inside of the tube too!

DSC_0017 (2)

Next you’ll need to stand your toilet paper tube up on end. Choose a different color paint and paint a square completely colored in about 3/4 ways down the front of the toilet paper tube as shown below. This will be the front “electrical panel”. 

DSC_0018 (2)

Next you’ll complete the “electrical panel”. You can design this however you would like. I turned my paintbrush around and dipped the end of the stick into the paint then made different colored dots on the panel like I’ve shown below.

DSC_0019 (2)

Once all of your paint has dried you can start on the arms for your robot. You’ll need one pipe cleaner per toilet paper tube. Cut your pipe cleaners in half, then wrap them around a pencil to make them a spiral shape.


You don’t have to make them spiral shaped – you can keep them straight and bend them any way you would like!


I then used my pencil to poke little holes in the side of the toilet paper tube and inserted the half pipe cleaner. On some of the robots I straightened their arms out a bit for a different effect.

These are great to have sitting around the house, standing on the food table, send home with the kids, or pin up on the wall!

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  1. says:

    They turned out really cute.

  2. cute idea!! great idea to use those toliet paper rolls! Thanks!

  3. Sippy Cup Mom says:

    You're so crafty! I love it!

  4. Erica Lee says:

    oh these are adorable!

  5. Online Math Tutor says:

    This blog is really lovely. I was reading all of the blogs almost and am finally dropping one comment here. I will always keep an eye on every post of yours.

  6. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah says:

    So cute!! I love making recyclable crafts!!

  7. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    This is such a cute idea!

  8. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    This is such a cute idea!

  9. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    This is such a cute idea!

  10. About The Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean says:

    eep! so cute!!

  11. Jennifer - Mommy to 2 says:

    Can you plan my son's b-day party in May? lol It will be Toy Story. The 50cent tableware decided for us.

    I have a couple ideas, but I don't think mine are as cute.

  12. The Queen of Swag says:

    these are so cute and I pinned these!


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