Leaf People – Who knew they would be SO FUN!? – A Craft With Leaves.

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Ok- I have to admit- this looks pretty awesome! And it’s a TON of fun for the kids, and to be honest, adults too! Before you get started, you’ll need to head outdoors with your kids and ask them to collect some leaves for their special project!

You don’t need much at all for this craft! A piece of paper (any type), leaves, glue, and a writing implement. 

Have your child draw a smiley face or person on their paper (no hair!). If your child is too young you can draw it for them. This is a great task for preschoolers who need to work on their fine motor skills. 
After their person or face is drawn, they will need to apply glue (or glue stick- Elmer’s X-treme works great!) onto the top of their person’s head where they want the hair to go. Another great fine motor skills/coordination task.

 Now it’s time for the fun! Let the kids put the leaves on their people to make the hair!! I actually used crabgrass for mine, but leaves are much easier for smaller kids (and less messy!). 
Every child’s picture will be unique and different! They can even make a whole family of leaf people! Or they can even make THEIR family with leaves for hair, then hang them in their room! 

Talk about the different types of leaves and plants you have. Why are some leaves green and some leaves brown? Why did the leaves fall off of the tree/plant? Can your child make a girl with long hair out of leaves? What is hair really made of?


  1. Mar'ah says

    Too cute! My son spent $1 of his birthday money and bought a bag of balloons. He blew them all up and drew on them and then enacted out the David and Goliath story complete with the Israelite and Philistine army. His own idea…it was great! :)


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