K’NEX Brand Ambassador Announcement, Sneak Peeks, & Giveaways!

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2014 Brand Ambassador Badge

Being on the road so much this month has prevented me from announcing our NEW partnership with K’NEX and I couldn’t be MORE excited! If you’ve been around here on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary for a while you KNOW I’m a huge supporter of hands-on educational activities and building sets like K’NEX makes. Our family has tried many different brands and types of building sets but my boys constantly come back to their K’NEX sets. Not only do they offer SO many various options for building thanks to the many different colors, shapes, sizes, and styles of their pieces but it’s just incredible what you can build with them! I wanted to feature a few of their new upcoming products for 2014 and at the bottom of the post is some fun giveaways for you – exclusively for my fans!!

DSC_0010 (2)

The first product which we’ve been enjoying immensely for it’s versatility is the K’NEX Cosmic Quest Building set (find at K’NEX or on Amazon!) which has FIVE different design ideas for building included! This is a great set for ages 7+ although my 5 year old enjoyed helping us build them too! Kids can build a Moon Bike, Hover Craft, Alien, Space Suit, or Mars Rover! Or of course come up with their own cosmic design!

K'NEX building set Collage


The next K’NEX set I want to feature is one of our personal favorites and features the popular game Plants vs. Zombies! Our family is pretty addicted to that game so we were thrilled to see these featured in the new K’NEX products!! The first thing we played with was the Mystery Figure bags which were SO much fun to pull out, open, and see what was inside!! Out of our 3 bags we ended up with a pea shooter and two zombies! There are 8 total designs so these are perfect for stocking stuffers, reward gifts, and other gift ideas! These are exclusively sold at Toys R Us. I know where we’ll be heading to try and collect the rest of them! They are perfect additions to our other Plants vs Zombies K’NEX sets!

 plants vs zombie K'NEX Collage

And you can only imagine our excitement when we received a separate box from K’NEX and pulled out the Plants Vs Zombies Wild West Skirmish Building set – my son was just on Cloud 9!! (also sold exclusively at Toys R Us) He is 7 years old and put the entire set together completely by himself. It has been out on our table for 2 weeks now and the kids are still playing with it! I have a feeling I know what he’ll be getting for the holidays this year!!

K'NEX Plants vs Zombies building set

This set comes with 2 cowboy zombies, a Prospector zombie, and a peashooter along with of course a Wild West backdrop to build complete with spinning pieces, a slideable peashooter and an ammo stand with 7 peas.

 K'NEX Plants vs Zombies set

The last set of new products that we received features the “Family Guy” TV show which we actually know nothing about but we had a fun time playing with all of the pieces anyway! You can find all of Family Guy products on K’NEX or on Amazon!

K'NEX Family Guy Collage

These aren’t your “classic” K’NEX sets. There were individual boxes to collect the various characters as well as a building block set for Stewie & the Time Machine. Although we don’t know who any of the characters are my kids sure loved the idea of building a time machine! These are for ages 8+ and even I had a tough time getting that time machine to stay together! It was a cool idea but we ended up re-creating our own time machine, and actually used the “hose” for part of a space gas pump with the other set! I LOVE that you can repurpose different pieces, even from different themes, to play with other sets.

 Overall I am a HUGE fan of the K’NEX brand and especially love their “classic” building sets as they have so much variety to them! You can snap those pieces into place and they aren’t going to budge until you’re ready to snap them out of place! It’s just amazing to me what you can create with SO many different types of pieces! They can be quite complex or simple enough for a preschooler to build! You’re only limited by your ability and imagination. The pieces are insanely sturdy – we’ve actually never had one break on us! These are definitely great and affordable sets for kids and adults alike and are perfect for “downtime” in the classroom too!


A special thanks to K’NEX for offering a Cosmic Quest building set for one of my readers to win! PLUS a 2nd winner will receive a surprise K’NEX set that I am giving away myself and will ship to you! The giveaway is open to USA residents only and will end on June 5, 2014.

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  1. Erica Roberson says

    As a teacher I LOVE the Investigating Solar Energy set. If I were to win this contest, I would donate the set to my classroom for my students to enjoy building these incredible sets. Thanks!

  2. Aston Thompson says

    I am a first year teacher and I would LOVE to have K’nex in my classroom. This would be useful for center activites and indoor recess days!

  3. Aston Thompson says

    I like that the K’nex website has products for STEM and Early Childhood learning because I am a Kindergarten teacher at a STEM school in Arlington, Texas.

  4. Cristy says

    I would live to win! I will be starting a S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) club for my 5th graders this fall and was considering buying some to build models. :)

  5. Gayle Zehr says

    I went to the K’NEX web site. I did not realize they had STEM ideas. My favorite building set is the Plants VS Zombies.

  6. Jennifer Aaron says

    I would use this set with the students in my special education classroom. We have one small set of Knex that is well loved…it would be great to add some more options for our curious builders!

  7. Debbie says

    I would use these in my 1st Grade classroom. I have a small incomplete set I found at Goodwill and would LOVE to have enough for the kids to get really creative.

  8. Sherry-Kay Browne says

    I would use them in my Special Education Classroom. I have a small kit of K’NEX and they are my students favorite fine-motor activity!!

  9. Debbie says

    I would love to have the building set. I was drown to the Knexmen! My kiddos love to build and would love these so much and I must admit, I might do a little building myself!

  10. Debbie says

    I would take it to school for special days and I still let mine have a building/creating time when we can. It’s not every day but I have stations where they can go when they finish work that aren’t always just learning but I’m kindergarten so I still feel it’s important to have small motor skill activities. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Manda says

    I love the buildings sets where the children can let their imagination take over. Any of the products are AWESOME though its great for fine motor skills.

  12. Shelli Pruger says

    I like the old fashion sets that don’t have to be anything specific. Leaves all the imagination and creativity to the kids (and adults).

  13. Shelli Pruger says

    If I won I would use it in my preschoolers with autism class. I have some very good builders in there and some who need to work on their spatial awareness. They also do wonders for fine motor skills.

  14. C J Tate says

    My pre-k grandson would go absolutely nuts over the Plants Vs Zombies Wild West Skirmish Building set.

  15. Tracie Davis says

    We use knex with our 5th and 6tg grade students. They attend a knex challenge and created vehicles. One teacher is lucky to have many knex. I would like to have some to rewaed and work with my students with special needs. It can allow them to be creative and successful at something other than math and reading which they are not always:)

  16. Barb Cushing says

    I have a STEM class and any KNEX would be used for them! They would be thrilled! Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Kathy says

    I have one set for my classroom, but we need another set so they can build bigger and more things. Thanks!

  18. Kimberly Hodoway says

    My 6-1/2 year old daughter loves to build and I’m thinking she’s about the perfect age for K’nex!

  19. Kristy says

    I stumbled on KNex at a teacher convention… bought a box of used KNex on ebay last summer and introduced them into my classroom. Let’s just say – best decision ever! My students would definitely share in the prize on this one!

  20. Laurie Lewis says

    My students and I love the K’Nex products we have in our classroom. They bring science to life!

  21. Cheryl McGarvey says

    I inherited a set in my class and the kids love th! It would be awesome to get a replacement for next year!

  22. Melissa says

    My favorite products are the roller coasters. They’re all pretty cool, but I think I like the a tTyphoon Frenzy the best. I’d love to have this in my classroom.

  23. Liza says

    I love the DNA Replication and Transcription set. My kids would love putting any of these sets together. My son and daughter’s classroom would get the set. I think it is a great learning tool.

  24. Mary says

    I have seven neices and nephews. This would be a great gift for the two of them. They are just at that age. They hardly get any toys to play with.

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