How to Make Silly Putty / Flubber – the Quick Way!

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I have made silly putty several ways but this was by far the quickest way to make it! It’s very simple and you only need 3-4 ingredients!
You’ll need:
liquid school glue
food dye (optional)
In a small cup or dish have your kids measure out 2 Tablespoons of water and add in 2 Tablespoons of white school glue. Then mix mix mix! You can add in any color(s) you want as this time as well! Make sure you (or your kids!) mix thoroughly before starting the next step.
Once your glue, water, and colors are mixed together then slowly add in a small spoon of borax and mix vigorously. You’ll notice an immediate change. Continue adding borax (approx. 2 teaspoons worth) until you have your desired consistency! That’s it – now you’re ready to play!!
(If you’re a teacher and can get 25 bottles of school glue when they cost a penny each at the beginning of the school year THIS experiment is a great reasons to buy all of that glue!!)


Ours ended up a cross between silly putty and flubber! If you’re making this in a classroom I suggest cutting the recipe in half otherwise each student will have a LOT of silly putty! And make sure you store it in a sealed container when you’re not using it!! We left ours on a plate overnight and it dried up in the weirdest way (a whole new science experiment!).


You can squish it, bounce it, squeeze it, pull it, mush it, tear it, and even turn it into a ball so it can roll!

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  1. AlexandraFunFit says

    Guess what else can happen? It sticks to the ceiling! How do I know this? My eldest son tossed it just a wee bit too high.


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