HELP ME VOTE + $15 CASH Giveaway!

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Our school needs YOUR help!! They have entered in a HUGE contest through U.S. Cellular – the 1st place school receives $150,000 and the  17 runner-ups win $50,000 to use on anything that they need at their school!! I would LOVE your vote if your school isn’t already participating. You can only vote once per person. If you’d rather not help our school by voting and just want to enter the $15 cash giveaway then just skip down to the bottom of this post for the Rafflecopter form.

1. Visit U.S. Cellular and look for the button that says “VOTE NOW” and click it.

2. At the top right of the page click on “SIGN IN”

3. If you don’t already have an account you’ll need to Register.

4. After you’ve signed up and registered look on the right side of page to “Vote For Your School Now” and type in zip code 50219 then hit Enter.

5. Scroll down to the very bottom of the list and click on “PEORIA CHRISTIAN SCHOOL”.

6. Click “VOTE FOR US”.

7.  A box will pop up for you to put in a unique voting code. Below this I have posted quite a few UNIQUE promo codes. This means ONLY ONE PERSON can use EACH code. PLEASE PLEASE if you choose to help us vote leave a note in the comments if you use one of these codes and I will immediately take it off of the post list!! Insert your code in the box, and you’ll need to hit “Cast my vote” twice – then you’re done!


HERE are the UNIQUE CODES – Only ONE can be used per person. If the code you chose will not work PLEASE come back for a different code. I am trying my hardest to update it as much as possible! If you choose a code to use please copy/paste it into the comments below and I will remove it from the list!


A little bit about our school:

The school started in 1904 (WOW!) and has remained open as a small Christian school in a farming community here in Iowa. We have about 55 students right now and strive for the best individualized education that you can provide in a school setting. My husband is currently the principal but we have a HUGE community behind us and way more volunteers than we even have staff! We encourage hands-on learning, field trips, and all those great things that you used to have growing up! We appreciate any time you offer us in helped to vote for our school!


I am giving away $15 CASH via Paypal open to EVERYONE to enter! This is my way of helping to support our school. You do NOT have to vote to enter – just click the easy entry option below. However if you do decide to vote MANY THANKS to you & you’ll receive 25 extra entries in the giveaway! Don’t forget to share with your teachers how to get FREE Supplies for your school!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sherie says

    I tried to vote for you, but when I go to put in the voting code, it goes back to the main page. I tried several times. Sorry.

  2. Christine says

    I tried to vote for you but the unique code box kept disappearing before I could enter the code. Tried about a half dozen times. I will try again in a little bit.

  3. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for posting this on your blog! It is awesome to see the votes that are coming in! Doing our part to round up votes as well!
    Thanks again!

  4. abby marie says

    “Your vote has been submitted!
    Your school has been added to your account. You can also follow other schools to see what they are doing to get the word out in their communities.”
    I used to code: LT53T5L

    I believe it worked! Hope you guys win!!

  5. Kimberly Schotz says

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