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“Gift a Teacher” – Open to TEACHERS ONLY!
Xacto TeacherPro Pencil Sharpener
(Value- $45.99)
One thing that teachers are always in need of- no matter what grade they teach- is a good quality pencil sharpener. Teachers go through a ridiculous amount of money every year buying pencil sharpeners that they hope will last.
My husband (an elementary school teacher) took his Xacto Teacher Pro Pencil Sharpener to his classroom as well as testing it out at home. This product proved to be very different than any other pencil sharpener that he has bought in the past. Usually he spends about $30 for an electric pencil sharpener, and they break so quickly that he refuses to let his students use it for fear that it will break even quicker. Every year he ends up buying one or two pencil sharpeners because they just do not last through his classroom usage.
The Xacto TeacherPro showed up every other pencil sharpener he has ever owned. He will actually let his students sharpen their pencils with his sharpener now! It’s really quite impressive! When you place the pencil into the sharpener- it automatically shuts off when the pencil is sharpened! NO more over-sharpened pencils and burnt out motors! Additionally, the pencils that are sharpened by Xacto TeacherPro are not so pointy that they hurt to touch and break immediately! They are sharpened to a dull point- similar to a ballpoint pen- but not so dull that you can’t use them. Xacto has truly found the perfect sharpness for your pencil! So not only is your pencil not so sharp and fragile that it breaks immediately (or you’re worried about your kids jabbing each other with it!), but since the pencil sharpener automatically shuts off you also do not overuse the motor which lengthens the life of your pencil sharpener.
Another really great feature of Xacto’s Teacher Pro Pencil Sharpener is that the storage bin for the pencil shavings is quite large! No more dumping the pencil shavings out every time you sharpen 3 or 4 pencils. My husband was able to sharpen a large box of pencils without needing to empty its contents!


I (and my husband!) highly recommend the Xacto TeacherPro Electric Pencil Sharpener for ANY teacher! It is the luxury of pencil sharpeners. Large shavings bins, automatic motors shut off, and perfect sharpness to your pencils. No more worrying about students over-using your sharpener, emptying your shavings bin several times a day, and spending tons of money every year replacing your sharpeners!
You can buy this product at any major office supply store (Staples, Office Depot, etc.), on Amazon, and at Walmart.


Xacto has kindly offered one teacher their very own TeacherPro Electric Pencil Sharpener!

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  1. Debby says

  2. Anonymous says

  3. Lori says

  4. Anonymous says

  5. Laurie Floyd says

    I would love the Platinum Stand Up Stapler. It looks very heavy duty! I hate when I staple papers and the staple is hardly closed and seems about to fall out!

  6. April D. says

    I really like the CRAYONPRO ELECTRIC CRAYON SHARPENER. I teach 7th grade so it wouldn't get used terribly often but it's great for that occasional need. I've also thought about going back to elementary school where it would be very handy!

    I also follow your blog, your FaceBook, and your Twitter accounts.

  7. holsminor says

  8. Mrs. Duff says

    X-ACTO 12"X11" METAL ROTARY TRIMMER would be great in my classroom.
    Thanks for the fun!
    kduff (@) oelwein. k12. ia. us

    I follow you on blog, facebook & twitter

  9. Joy Tamsin David says

    I love this pencil sharpener! I have an electric one that I bought from Target (I'm on my 2nd one this year). I keep it locked in my desk and collect all the pencils at the end of the day. It would be awesome if the kids could actually sharpen their own pencils.

    (I also like the automatic staplers from their website).

    Thanks for doing this teacher giveaway week!

    Joy G Lee G@aol. com

    (I'm also a GFC follower)

  10. slb3334 says

  11. Kristine M says

  12. Cathy says

  13. Mike says

  14. Jessica says

    I'd love to own one of the Razor Paper Trimmers for my classroom (or home for scrapbooking even!). And, the pencil sharpener rocks! My next door neighbor teacher has one that I use all the time :) Thanks again!

    jessdepew at yahoo dot com

  15. Mrs. Daniels First Grade says

  16. Anonymous says

  17. MaryBeth says

  18. Anonymous says

  19. crimedoc1 says

  20. Coupon Teacher says

    I could use the smaller version of the paper trimmer. I could definitely use this sharpener. I think the kids break them on purpose!

  21. Anonymous says

  22. Anonymous says

  23. Lisa ~ TheScrapPrincess says

  24. Angela says

  25. Angela says

  26. Tami says

  27. Anonymous says

  28. Anonymous says

  29. Anonymous says

  30. ShaneP says

    Yes, I need this…I too seem to buy a new one each year only to have it break. I also like the paper cutters. shaneperezatyahoodotcom

  31. Erika says

    I would love the Crayon sharpener or the X-ACTO DESIGNER SERIES CIRCLE CUTTER. They are both things I would use weekly, if not daily. I've already gone through two pencil sharpeners this year, so winning this one would be AMAZING!

  32. themacpack says

    A X-ACTO Platinum Standup Heavy Duty Stapler :)
    as a Kindergarten teacher you can never have enough stapler's.



    themacpack at

  33. Anonymous says

  34. Anonymous says

  35. Candie L says

    I would love their electric stapler. I make a lot of copies for the kids and this would make turning in their homework a lot easier. Thank you


  36. Sarah says

    I'm entering this for my middle school science teacher husband, if that's ok.

    He says he's tired of other people taking his stapler, so he would love to have 10 of them, because he's sure after 2 weeks he'd be down to one. Poor guy!!

  37. Queen of the Click says

    I love that it doesn't oversharpen the pencils.

    I also love Xacto's rotary trimmer.

    I am a middle school teacher.

  38. Anonymous says

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