FREE Gross Children’s ebooks – Poo, Snot, & Other Gross Stuff

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Ok – so I didn’t know how to title this post. :) It’s a collection of poo, snot, and farts – gross I know! But surprisingly all of these books have great reviews, and they are FREE. In fact one is even written by an 8 year old boy! So I’m sure it will make him happy to see his gross book being downloaded by the masses! Read at your own risk!

This short book covers snot, pee, poo, blood and skin – AND even better – it comes with recipes you can make at home! Anyone cringing yet? If you make any of these recipes I’d love for you to share a photo with us! Yes – I DID say there are recipes in this book!

Who DO That POO?
This highly rated educational book about scat might teach you more than you would like to know about poo!

FARTS! Fire In The Hole!
I’m not sure that I will let my kids read this book because I don’t want the repercussions of extreme gases and noises in my house for the day BUT this book is written by an 8 year old kid author!


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