DIY Homemade Organic Chapstick Recipe…for LESS than Regular Chapstick

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DIY Homemade Organic Chapstick Recipe

Our DIY Organic Chapstick recipe is one of my favorite things not only to make but to give as gifts to my kid’s friends and their teachers.  In my “pre-kid” life I worked in a corporate research lab so I LOVE mixing things up and making my own household items. Our family uses Young Living essential oils for a more natural approach to illnesses and in one of the Facebook groups I’m in they mentioned making their own chapstick. (If you’d like to purchase Young Living please contact me & I can give you a great deal!) Well I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it out, and (happily!) found that making our own organic chapstick was a LOT cheaper than buying plain regular over the counter chapstick! Which is great because not only is it healthier but I don’t have to worry about my kids losing a zillion chapsticks anymore! This chapstick is AMAZING! It’s creamy and moisturizing! The price break down is an absolute steal. I haven’t made hundreds of chapsticks yet because that is a lot but I’m estimating that the breakdown is roughly 30 cents or less per chapstick.

DIY Homemade Organic Chapstick Recipe

DIY Chapstick Recipe Ingredients:

12 drops  Peppermint Essential Oil (15 ml – $28.29)
15 Empty Chapstick Tubes (100 pk for $16.92 shipped)
3 Tbsp. Yellow Organic Beeswax (16 oz. $12.35)
4 Tbsp. Organic Cold Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil 16 oz – $9.45
Small Funnel
Glass Measuring Jar (or other glass jar)

DIY Homemade Organic Chapstick Recipe

DIY Chapstick Recipe Directions (makes 15 chapstick tubes):

Melt 4 Tbsp. Coconut Oil and 3 Tbsp. Beeswax and mix together. Above you can see that I put both ingredients in a glass measuring cup and placed it into a pot of boiling water. The coconut Oil will melt almost right away but the beeswax will take a little while to melt so plan for 5-10 minutes of low to medium heat. Once everything is completely melted and mixed remove from heat and add 12 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil. Stir. Immediately begin to pour the mix into each of the chapstick tubes via a small funnel. The cooler the mix gets the less liquidy it gets and will go back to a hardened form. Just place your glass jar back in the pot of hot water and let it remelt! I filled each of the chapstick tubes and then carefully poured the last couple drops on the top of each tube. It made exactly 15 perfect chapsticks that were the BEST chapsticks ever! It reminds me of a Burt’s Bee or beeswax type of chapstick. VERY smooth and creamy. We made Peppermint Chapsticks but you can buy any essential oil that you want and make your favorite flavor!

DIY Homemade Organic Chapstick Recipe

These make WONDERFUL and thoughtful gifts during the year!! Not to mention you’ll be in chapstick heaven! These are great for those really chapped lips and if you want you can even squeeze 1 capsule of Vitamin E into your mix before your pour the liquid into the tubes. I personally made two different printables that you can download and print (for free of course!). You can choose just plain black & white “Peppermint Chapstick” or a label that also has colored peppermints on it. Just cut the paper down to just before and after the letters like you see my chapstick above, and place tape over it! I rolled the paper all the way around the tube!

Click BELOW to download the PDF!

Black & White Peppermint Chapstick Printable Label

Peppermint Chapstick with Colored Peppermint Printable Label 


  1. Chris says

    You could also use old lipstick, koolaid, or food coloring to tint it if you wanted to. I have seen some use blush or eyeshadow as a tint as well.

  2. says

    Question: do you have an easy or “best way” to clean up after this? It may sounds silly, but I made something else with beeswax and coconut oil and I had a heck of a time cleaning it up. (We have a septic system so I’d rather not drain it all down the sink. I used a tub and washed it in there, then threw it outside in the rocks.) Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything when it came to clean it all up. Thanks for any insight (from you or other readers)!

    • says

      Hi Theresa! Honestly this recipe uses every single last drop of the recipe so it’s surprisingly the perfect amount! As for the “dishes” I used I just ran hot water over them and it melted right down and washed away. You can of course add a little soap to it. I think I just had a spoon and the glass jar to wash out and it only took a minute to run hot water over it. The coconut oil pretty much melts immediately and as long as the water is nice and hot the beeswax will melt off the sides of the jar too.

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