Creating a Non-Candy Easter Basket for Kids with VTech #Giveaway

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Every holiday that comes around seems to be JAM PACKED with candy for kids. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter – all sugary and crazy when you have kids at home or in your classroom! So for some of the holidays I really like to focus on a non-candy alternative and thanks to VTech this year the boy’s Easter baskets will have a little extra fun in them! I know I’m not the only mom out there that groans at the thought of the sugar highs and crashes this time of year so I wanted to share some fun non-candy alternatives for your kiddos Easter goodies! Here are some of the items I’ve put into my kid’s Easter buckets this year:

vtech easter basket Collage

VTech Switch & Go Dinos® – my kids are NUTS about these little robotic toys and the price is right!
Innotab Software Cartridges – a FUN and educational spin for your basket!
Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Vehicle – my youngest especially LOVES cars!
licensed character body wash
bubbles – ALWAYS a hit with my kids!
Easter pencils for school

OK – and I did throw in one Easter push pop candy for the kids to each enjoy as a special treat! Plus follow VTech on Twitter and Facebook for some more fun ideas!


A special thanks to VTech for offering the following Prize Pack to one of my readers: InnoTab Disney Planes software cartridge, InnoTab Bubble Guppies software cartridge, Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo, and Go! Go! Smart Wheels® Vehicle. Giveaway is open to US Residents only and will end on 4/17/14 at 10AM CST!

To enter just leave a comment below giving me another non-candy Easter basket alternative idea! (You can check out VTech’s website for ideas!)


  1. Marla Daley says

    A garden kit for little ones! It’s perfect timing! It is exciting for kids to get there hands into planting and a learning process! I would include flowers and vegetables.

  2. Rachel D. says

    I always love doiing Easter baskets with outdoor activities in mind (since hopefully warm weather will arrive around Easter!) I love filling them with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, frisbees, and whatever little outdoor items I can find along with a coloring book and crayons for those rainy spring days!

  3. vanessa valenzuela mancera says

    Hi there,!!
    Your website is really cool,so many things to help us…so this baskets are really awesome…..the alternative that I can say is full with books to…and educative things, a Little drawing board,so they can use their imagination..V-tech is the Best,so i hope my ideas can help and win for my kids.

  4. Danielle Beaty says

    Coloring basket – coloring books, crayons, markers, other Crayola supplies for the creative kiddos.
    Sports basket – different things needed for a particular sport such as a mitt, batting gloves, and socks for baseball/softball.

  5. Courtney says

    My family used to get the little eggs and fill them with pennies. Some had small amounts and some had more. It was supposed to encourage us to save our money. My mom always made me count them out and figure out how much money it gave me. I always liked getting a kite in my basket. They have really cute ones at the dollar tree. One year my mother put a whole bunch of random things in my basket and it turned out to be all of the supplies to make my own kite. It was stuff like straws, tissue paper, string. Things that initially you’re like, Mom, what on earth did the Easter bunny bring me? Then it turns out to be a family fun project :)

  6. Tiffiny says

    A gardening basket is what my daughter would love. I am getting seeds, gardening tools, gloves, watering can, a pot to put it all in, and some pretty flowers to plant.

  7. Christie says

    As a Literacy Coordinator my first go to gifts are books! Then of course, for my little one, dolls. Disney had a deal a couple months ago $20 for the It’s A Small World Dolls.

  8. Halia says

    My child is younger (non-school age) so I am thinking about play dough, puzzles, little cars, and maybe a book.

  9. Jamie says

    Always give my children something they can use outdoors! Kites, chalk, balls, or this year a giant volleyball outdoor set!

  10. Jennifer says

    I make my nephew up a basket every year, and I like to put fun summer toys in it since the weather is getting warmer! Chalk, bubbles, coloring book and crayons, toy cars, water guns, etc. He loves it and it lasts a lot longer!

  11. Stephanie Ramage says

    This year we got our son a Veggie Tales and Bubble Guppies movie, two teething toys, a sippy cup, a bathing suit, and a stuffed rabbit (instead of a real rabbit, which is another discussion entirely). :)

  12. Leslie says

    Finding the Easter gifts via a scavenger hunt can be a “gift” in itself. I might also suggest yogurt-coated raisins and/or other dried fruit. They seem like a great treat, but are still somewhat healthy.

  13. Jody says

    I like to do vacation baskets. With four children Easter and vacation can quickly become pricey, so I figured why not combine them. The first time I did it I bought little $20 suitcases instead of baskets, but now I do travel bags. I buy each child a new swim suit, sandals, & sunglasses. Then I put in books, a movie, or a video game, beach supplies, balls. It gets us all excited about vacation and I’m not wasting money on candy and toys that they don’t need.

  14. Anna Doucet says

    My grandson is getting Go! Go! Smart Wheels and my daughter is getting the Fort Magic Kit that I won during a recent contest on your site:). They will also get books, gel pens and stencils.

  15. Alicia says

    I like to put a variety of things in the basket like sunflower seeds, sidewalk chalk, hair accessories, jewelery, earbuds, and bookmarks.

  16. Holly says

    Great idea! Another good idea would be to fill one with art supplies to give the kids something crafty and creative to
    do. Colored pencils, stencils, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, stickers, scissors, colored paper, etc.

  17. Sarah Flanary says

    Seeds, jump rope, kite, stickers, books,fingernail polish, and a criss to represent the resurrection of Christ.

  18. Roxane Barber says

    Every year I always do some sand toys and sunglasses (among other miscellaneous stuff). We live near the beach so sand toys are always fun for them. :)

  19. Cherie Anderson says

    A great Easter basket filler is coloring book, crayons, flash cards, reading books, and top it off with a bow.

  20. Kay Derrick says

    We also include books for our little readers, art supplies, nail polish for our girls, and cars for our son.

  21. Amy says

    The Easter Bunny fills my son’s Easter basket with outdoor toys like bubbles and gardening kits to celebrate Spring. This year there is going to be some play dough to build small motor skills. My son’s Easter basket wish is the V-tech switch and go helicopter, Velociraptor! He loves his switch and go dinos!

  22. Christine says

    We always add chalk, bubbles, and outdoor type activities to my little ones baskets! This year the big surprise will be a digital camera! My girl loves to pretend to take picture so the Easter bunny is bringing a camera to her!

  23. Christina says

    A stuffed animal, hula hoop, jump rope, bubbles, coloring books/crayons, a pinwheel, a kite, puzzles, silly putty and a slinky :)

  24. Rachelle Pollard says

    For my little boy, I do cars, balls, books, and fun outdoor stuff (chalk, mini shovels, water guns, bubbles,etc.). For my older girls, the get nail polish, body wash and lotion, hair ties, earrings, and fun socks! I usually give them one treat of their favorite candy or snack and luckily, they like healthy snacks like granola bars!

  25. Lindsay says

    I put new rain boots, spring jackets, kites, bubbles, chalk, umbrellas in the Easter baskets. It is usually thing that are needed this time of year!

  26. says

    I would put outdoor toys for the kids such as flip flops, bubbles, sunglasses, chalk, and balls. It’s been a very long winter indoors and these things will hopefully bring spring here quicker!

  27. Tania says

    I always like books…coloring books, chapter books, activity books. In a day where children are so stationary because of their electronics, I also think it is a great idea to fill their basket with things that will get them outside…bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, kites, any kind of balls, etc.

    I think my favorite would be to include butterfly larva or tadpoles so children could watch their stages of growth.

  28. Deborah Castellano says

    I like to include CDs, fruit dipped in a bit of dark chocolate, fun socks, and seasonal pencils.

  29. Paula Ahlrich says

    We use Easter baskets to stock up on spring/ summer stuff. Bubbles, chalk, balls, flip flops, garden tools ( we love to garden.) Kites really anything I can find. I usually don’t plan those very well. Would love a Vtech basket:) thanks

  30. Jennifer says

    I think we might do a craft project in our basket this year. Not only is it something to “find” but then it’s something to do together afterwards.

  31. says

    I think the perfect basket really depends on the child’s interests. Our little one is all about princesses and playing make-believe games. For her we’re going with a theme: princess basket. She’s getting a new sippy cup, coloring books, and dress up costumes.

  32. Michelle says

    Anything sports related for our son or any thing princess related for my girls! Local dollar stores are where I usually head for items for Easter baskets.

  33. Danny says

    My kids are getting play dough, bubbles, puzzles, Easter-themed bracelets, wooden recorders, and of course a plush bunny!

  34. Tabatha says

    Mini dinosaurs, gak or flubber (lots of DIY easy directions on pinterest), kazoo, fun flash cards, jacks, crayons, books, Legos, stickers, & bubbles make great Easter ideas! :)

  35. Andrea C says

    I love to have outdoor items in the basket. Bubbles, shovels and pails, sidewalk chalk. Anything that can be fun to play with. Usually a new outfit is also included

  36. Krista Garner says

    We love spring activity baskets. This year is a scooter, helmet, baseball bat, and bubbles! I love the idea of a kite, so we may throw one of those in, too.

  37. andrea says

    Anything for outdoors!! Sunglasses…swim stuff…pool toy…flip flops…Some gardening stuff like a packet of seeds and a cup. Possibilities are endless!

  38. Teresa Rose says

    For the classroom you could do pencils, erasers, pad of paper, crayons, scissors…whatever they are deleted of or could use at home.

  39. suzy garner says

    Anything Angry Birds is a big hit with my grandson. Theme related toothbrushes and toothpaste reminds him that the bunny wants him to brush each day!

  40. Sarah Spencer says

  41. Janet W. says

    Some non-candy ideas we’re giving my grandsons are Thomas Trackmaster trains to go with their existing train sets, coloring books, DVDs, board books, etc.

  42. Trish says

    Money inside eggs including folding money! Bubbles, a kite, and outside toy (hula hoop, new helmet, bat, soccer ball, etc)

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