Changing Your Lifestyle for the Healthy #MillionSteps

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Anyone that knows me knows I am NOT a diet girl! In fact I’ve been having to eat a low fat diet lately due to several gallbladder attacks and I want nothing more than to go into town and pig out on a gigantic pizza! :) Ok – maybe not completely pig out……BUT being forced to eat healthier has helped to jump start my desire for a healthier family this year anyway! It’s been something I’ve been working on for the past 4 years with baby steps and I’m amazed to see how far we’ve come! My goal isn’t a specific amount of weight to lose or an extreme workout routine, my GOAL is to make healthier choices – every time. Always choosing the healthier option – you will just keep choosing healthier and healthier.

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As part of the #MillionSteps Challenge that I am participating with our Best Buy Ambassador Blogging Board I’ve also been using my FitBit wireless activity tracker, an awesome FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart scale, and our new Cuisinart Compact Juice Extractor. If using all of that can’t help keep you on track – you’re in trouble! So this month our ambassador team collectively (there are 9 of us) are working together to take 1 MILLIONS steps! (follow our progress on Twitter at #MillionSteps) My family and I have also been creating our own fresh fruit & veggie juices as well! Look at all of that fresh fruit (and veggie!). MMMM! After the holidays I found huge holiday-themed boxes of navel oranges for $6 a box – so I bought two. Worried that the oranges would go bad before I could actually use them all I juiced them all and put several containers of juice in the freezer. It’s a GREAT way to save some money too! Buying fruits and veggies that are clearanced and then juicing them to freeze for later can be a great way to take advantage of sales AND keeping your fruits/veggies longer after you’ve picked them from the farm!

best buy, aria fitbit scale

Check out our Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale! It’s just absolutely awesome and I LOVE the bottom of it! It’s the small things you know! :) Every morning before breakfast I step on the scale and the scale which is synced with my FitBit account automatically records my weight on my FitBit account! My FitBit wireless tracker keeps me responsible for my steps. I am constantly looking down at it and purposefully going down that extra flight of stairs, or walking to the next room to put something away. It’s been a GREAT boost for me in encouraging me to keep walking even longer.

weight tracker

This way I can’t LOSE or throw out my weight achievements! And it keeps me more accountable to see it in RED on my screen!! But the great thing is that I can compare it from month to month and see if I am meeting my goals.

And just for a little fun – this is what we do with the scraps of fruit & veggies once the juice extractor is done with them……

pot belly pig

Our sweet pot belly pig Ms. Ellie Mae gets a special treat too!! Seriously though – if you’ve never juiced before and are considering it, here are a few tips for you:

Don’t go extreme if you’re not ready for it!
Unless you’re desperate for a massive change start slow. Fruit juices and blended veggie juices are typically the easiest to drink for most of us! Carrots are VERY easy to throw in fruit juices and don’t change the flavor much. Start by adding in just a few leafy greens too!

It’s not a competition!
Juicing is very easy to get into but there’s no race, no competition. It’s OK not to have tons of swampy green veggie juice. Any juicing is healthier than not juicing – just don’t drink too much fruit juice all the time because of the extra sugars!!

You don’t have to drink the juice!
Sounds weird right? Remember you don’t have to actually drink the juice! You can juice veggies for cooking in soup, cooking meat, and even adding small amounts to bread!

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WHAT ARE YOU DOING in 2013 to Change your Lifestyle for the Heathier?

Disclosure: I received compensation and the above products as part of the Best Buy Blogging Ambassador Board. All opinions are my own.


  1. says

    Love my juicer! Even my kids get excited to see what their concoctions turn out like… and what color they will be. Best of luck with your pursuits this year. Healthy, small changes ARE so much easier than dieting. :)

  2. says

    KIWIS! I need to get Kiwis to juice. Nom nom nom. I love Kiwis but I always hate having to peel them. :) And I love your piggie! So adorable. And a good helper too!

  3. Tiffany says

    I am scared to death of juicing! I see all these Instagram photos of green, pulpy messes and I think “I would NEVER drink that.” I’m sure you acquire a taste for it but it just doesn’t appeal to me! :)
    I am making healtheir choices in other ways, though! And, I do hope to meet someone with a juicer so I can try theirs before I buy. I might just like it!

  4. says

    So glad to see Best Buy is getting into healthy eating. Love your pig…how precious!!! It’s lucky to have your scraps!! Eating healthy is the only way to go these days…I’m with ya!!

  5. says

    Those juicers are just awesome! I love when we can juice our own apple juice. it just tastes so much better fresh you know? And that scale really is super cool I just got the Fitbit ONE; and I’m SUPER excited to get it open and start using to to track my step. I want to make sure that I’m continually taking more and more steps each week.

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