Can we Make a Million? #MillionSteps @BestBuy

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Remember the #MillionSteps Challenge that I’ve joined up with the Best Buy Ambassador team to accomplish by the end of the month? So far we’re registering 719,473 steps! We’re SO close to hitting a million steps and  there’s only under a week left!

Although I’ve been increasing my steps and eating healthier I haven’t lost any weight, which is OK because that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to start with an easy and reasonable healthier lifestyle – for my entire family. More fresh veggie and fruit juices using our juice extractor, more walking and exercise, and less processed foods. The hardest thing I’ve found is eating healthier on the run. When I’m running errands during the day the best thing I’ve found is to just bring a glass of juice with me along with an apple and a granola bar!

I’ll admit, growing up we ate horribly. I was raised on TV dinners, fast food, and junk for pretty much every meal! I didn’t know any better. And let me tell you I still can’t pass up a good pizza, Coke, and a brownie! But now that I’m getting older I’m slowly admitting to myself that living that wasn’t the healthiest. Trust me, I’m having surgery next week to remove my gallbladder and I can’t help but wonder if it was the past 29 years of eating crap. I probably will never really know but I sure will always wonder! Diabetes, obesity, and other health problems are growing absurdly quickly and making healthier choices can prevent many of them. I never really cared about eating healthier until I had kids. And then I was the parent, I was the one wondering if my kids were getting too much sugar, too much fat, too much junk. I found myself overly cautious about what my kids were eating but realizing that when they weren’t paying attention I was eating my junk! I wanted to start showing them that their mom can and will eat just as healthy as she makes them eat.

It doesn’t have to be a massive change of lifestyle, not at first. Start small. Promise yourself to spend at least $10 on produce when you go to the grocery store – and actually eat it! Or if you’re feeling adventurous juice it! When you’ve got that down try monitoring how many steps you take with a pedometer or FitBit, then add an extra 200 steps per day on it! If you’re concerned about weight you can buy a scale, the Aria WiFi scale will automatically sync with your FitBit account which is really awesome for monitoring your progress. Personally I don’t need the scale as much and am happy just knowing I am making healthier choices. As you get older, and have kids,  maybe you’ll realize like I did the important of making healthier choices. Not only for yourself but for your family.


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