Arquest Diaper Study = FREE diapers!

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I have personally done several diaper studies through Arquest and love it!

 Arquest manufactures store brand diapers, training pants, and disposable underwear and arranges different studies with these items on a regular basis. And the best part is that if you qualify for one of their studies, you can snag FREE diapers, training pants or disposable underwear AND you even get paid for your participation!
According to reader, Kate, Arquest will soon be hosting studies that involve disposable absorbent pants for bed wetting children, also known as youth pants, disposable underwear, sleep pants, etc.

Here is the criteria for the upcoming Arquest study:
* User should be a child that is generally mobile
* User should be between 38 and 125 lbs.
* User should have urinary bedwetting as the primary concern.
* User should be a current user of disposable absorbent pants for bed wetting.
* User or caregiver should purchase product primarily through retail stores.
* If your child meets the above criteria, send an email to Arquest at consumerpanel@arquest(dot)com and provide the following contact information: Name, Address, Phone number, E-mail address, User Age / Weight / Gender, and the product test that you are applying for (i.e. disposable absorbent pants)
* If you qualify, you will be contacted by an Arquest customer service representative.
Thanks for the heads up!!


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