Around the Globe Wednesdays: Gippsland (Giant Earthworm Country)

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Today’s Around the Globe Wednesdays is the Gippsland region in Australia- the only place in the world which produces giant earthworms! These giant earthworms can grow up to 13 FEET LONG! They live underground in red, gray or blue clay under banks of streams and in south or west facing hills. If you stomp the ground above them you will be able to hear a gurgling sound coming from under you.  This sound is made by the worms moving through their lubricated tunnels as fast as possible away from the disturbance. In the town of Bass you can actually visit The Giant Earthworm Museum. Visitors can crawl through a magnified worm burrow and walk through a simulated worm’s stomach. It also features a theatrette, a natural history of worms, a marine worm tank and a local history display.

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